Manage and Measure the 5% Difference

Managing and Measuring the 5% Difference is simple and easy to do with Auto Apps Software and “Best Practice” Solutions

The powerful software is intuitive and trainable in 10 minutes or less in each area of functionality, these processes have been proven to work in service centers across the United States


Customer Retention

Increase Customer Retention 5%


Shop Productivity

Increase Shop Productivity 5%


Technician Efficiency

Increase Technician Efficiency 5%

Tech Connect with Time Management

  • Auto Apps Time Management Software provides a tool to track 100% of a technician’s time – which includes actual time, total vehicle time and E-Time (expense time)
  • Easily track both Technician Efficiency and Shop Productivity
  • Clocking into the vehicle is fast and allows everyone in the service center to know which vehicles are being worked on and by whom
  • Labor time is displayed real time, by vehicle, for all the jobs assigned to each technician – displaying hours sold, finished and pending
  • Marking jobs finished updates finished hours so technicians can instantly see hours produced on their work in progress
  • Technician Reporting is based on finished jobs and can be run for any date range on both open and closed invoices, allowing technicians to manage their own pay and motivating them to produce more hours
  • Technician Efficiency and Shop Productivity performance reports accurately reflect time and provide useful management feedback because of the simplicity of the time tracking process



Text Messenger Dashboard

  • Use your Shop Phone Number as Text Message Number
  • Text Messenger allows service center to be viewed as professional using today’s technology – communicating with the customer is much easier
  • The Service Advisor can create the text message relationship in seconds at the front counter, ensuring a better customer experience
  • Customer communication is greatly improved allowing for faster approvals, in-process updates of the service visit and follow-up on service performed after vehicle is delivered
  • All text communication is saved to customer record and can be quickly viewed
  • Customer Care text messages simply work – 45% to 55% response rate when the text relationship is created



Customer Follow-up

  • Having the service advisor fully engaged in reviewing and up dating follow-up on closed invoices in Service Connect the next business day, ensures properly timed follow-up
  • Performing customer care and maintenance due phone calls and/or text messages increases the customer experience and has the highest return rates
  • Service Connect allows you to display and track phone, email and ext follow-up, and stores information in the customer record
  • Service Advisor “Best Practice” takes 10 minutes a day and has proven to increase retention in service centers across the United States



Vehicle Priority and Work Flow

  • Enhanced communication between service advisor and technician
  • Everyone know actually which vehicles need to be delivered that day and the current status
  • Does away with the white board making shop flow real time and much easier to manage
  • Technicians immediately know order and status of vehicles to be worked on – minutes matter and we are about saving minutes



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