Simplify your business and increase profit

Auto Apps software is powerful and easy to use.

Auto Apps, Inc – The Company

Auto Apps, Inc. provides training and software exclusively for R.O. Writer™ clients. The team works intimately with service centers, their knowledge of the software is real world and they make working with the company fun and exciting.

Auto Apps, Inc. Paul Stewart and his team are not affiliated with R.O. Writer™ and Progressive Automotive Systems, Inc. – R.O. Writer™ is a registered trademark of Progressive Automotive Systems, Inc.


Technicians have more hours to work on cars

Tech Connect provides a process to become more efficient, go paperless and produce more billable hours

Technicians love the software, it’s trainable in 15 minutes and works live with the R.O. Writer™ database, it’s powerful and easy to use


Simplify your business, increase profit and have fun doing it



Most customers would prefer text messages

Text Messenger with Quick Text allows you to create a text relationship in seconds at the service counter

The program works live with your R.O. Writer™ software and makes it easy to send and receive text messages

Increase productivity with enhanced communication that is responded to faster and more efficiently



Why don’t customers come back?

Nationwide 45% to 55% of customer will not return to the service center the following calendar year

The marketing and follow-up console provides a proven and easy to use process to increase customer retention

Service Advisor “Best Practice” takes 10 minutes a day and ensures recommended service is completed on every vehicle

Simplify your business, increase profit and have fun doing it



Move from an activity based shop

Service connect puts everyone on the same page with priority per vehicle and workflow

Does away with the white board making shop flow real time and much easier to manage

Shop production increases with enhanced communication and focusing on labor hours

Simplify your business, increase profit and have fun doing it



Auto Apps – Video Training Library

View all the software products, taught with “Best Practice” application and process

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